What is NissanConnect ™ technology?

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Nissan vehicle NissanConnect technology explained
What is NissanConnect technology in a Nissan vehicle? It is an integrated system that combines audio, navigation, and communication functions into one. This system can connect with your smartphone to bring you the utmost convenience and functionality. Keep reading below to view a more detailed explanation of Nissan vehicle NissanConnect technology.

NissanConnect technology – list of features
NissanConnect technology has a lot of capability. The quickest way for us to explain is with a list. We have tried to include every NissanConnect features in the following list:

  • Hands-free calling
  • Hands-free texting
  • Curfew, Max Speed, Valet, and Boundary Alerts
  • Maintenance Alert
  • Remote Access service
  • Automatic collision notification
  • Emergency calling
  • Roadside assistance service
  • Stolen vehicle locator
  • Vehicle health report
  • Google ® send-to-car
  • Connected search and assisted search
  • Destination download
  • Journey planner

What remote access services are available with NissanConnect?
With the available remote access services from NissanConnect, you will be able to remotely lock and unlock your vehicle. That means that you can be at a large distance and use your phone to unlock your vehicle. It can also be used at close distances when you forget your key but need access to the vehicle.

These services include other remote features such as the ability to remotely sound your vehicle’s horn and flash its lights. These features are useful if you think that your vehicle is being broken into. If your vehicle does get stolen, the stolen vehicle locator can help the police track your vehicle.

How do NissanConnect alerts and warnings work?
Each of the different alerts on the list above work differently to provide you with a different function. The curfew alert, for example, lets you set a curfew for your vehicle, and if someone drives your vehicle past that time, it will send you an alert. Likewise, boundary alert lets you set an imaginary geographical boundary that your vehicle can’t go out of without you getting an alert.

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