Nissan Ariya exterior design and features

September 28th, 2020 by

What does the Nissan Ariya look like?
Nissan has recently debuted its new all-electric crossover SUV, the Nissan Ariya. Many of us have not had a chance to see one yet, but we have plenty of information about the Nissan Ariya exterior design and features for now. Keep reading below to learn about what the Nissan Ariya will look like.

Will the Nissan Ariya have a front grille?
As you may know, the purpose of the front grille on a vehicle is to cool off the engine and keep airflow circulating. With an electric vehicle like the Nissan Ariya, a front grille is unnecessary. Many people, however, have come to expect this exterior feature. In its place, the Nissan Ariya will have a shield, which protects the sensing equipment for advanced driver-assist technology that the Nissan Ariya comes with. The new Nissan logo will be in the middle of the new shield.

What will the rear of the Nissan Ariya look like?
The rear of the Nissan Ariya has been given just as much detail and attention as the front. Notably, the Nissan Ariya features a rear wing, giving it a sporty look. It also has a one-piece light blade which is blacked-out when parked and illuminated whenever the Nissan Ariya is in use, no matter the time of day.

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Will the Nissan Ariya have a two-tone exterior paint job?
Yes, the Nissan Ariya comes standard with a two-tone colour scheme. The roof will always be black and can be paired with one of six body colours. One option that we know of so far is the Copper and Black two-tone exterior, which gives sharp contrast and a high-end look to the Nissan Ariya.

Will the Nissan Ariya have LED headlamps?
Yes, the Nissan Ariya is going to offer LED headlamps. We know that this option is a popular one, with longer-lasting, brighter lights to illuminate your drive. We’re glad that the Nissan Ariya will cater to those of you who can’t go without LED lighting.

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