How to drive safely at night around Penticton, BC

October 6th, 2020 by

Night driving tips for the Penticton area
How can you stay safe driving at night around Penticton, BC? There are a few reasons that night driving is more dangerous. One is the drop in temperature, and another is how dark it is. Below, we’ve outlined how to drive safely at night around Penticton, BC.

Make sure your vehicle has the proper lighting and tires
Having the proper equipment is your first defense against an accident. If your vehicle has good lights, you’ll be better able to see what’s on the road ahead, including ice and lease. Better tires are those that are suited to our weather conditions.

Make sure you equip your vehicle with all-season or summer tires in the summer months and winter tires during the winter. At night, you are especially susceptible to poor road conditions, because water will freeze as temperatures drop, and you won’t be able to see debris in the road that causes slippery conditions. Come to Penticton Nissan for a tire assessment and to swap or rotate your vehicle’s tires.

Make use of NissanConnect technology when you need it
Be prepared for a night-time incident with NissanConnect. This technology can help you make an emergency call or request roadside assistance services. Plus, you can use hands-free calling, which is safer than using a phone. Furthermore, NissanConnect can provide you with maintenance alerts and vehicle health reports, which can help you stay prepared for driving at any time of the day.

Use extra caution while driving at night
Some of the most dangerous aspects of night driving are the things that you cannot see until it’s too late, like animals and fatigued drivers. In response to this, your best defense is extra caution. This means slowing down around corners and over hills when you can’t see what is ahead. Having a friend drive with you when possible for an extra set of eyes on the road is also a great idea, and of course, never driving tired or after having a drink.

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