How to care for your Nissan vehicle when it is parked for extended periods of time

June 2nd, 2020 by

How can I take care of my car when I am not driving it?
Many of us are not driving our vehicles as much as we used to. If you find that this is the case with you, then you may be interested in the top five tips for car care that Nissan recently released for its customers. Our guide below on how to care for your Nissan vehicle when it is parked for extended periods of time is based on advice directly from Nissan.

Five tips for Nissan car care
Charge your Nissan vehicle’s battery
You don’t want your Nissan vehicle’s battery to die. It can lose charge when you let your vehicle sit for extended periods of time. You can periodically drive it to charge it or use a battery tender.

Keep your Nissan vehicle’s brakes in good condition
Taking your vehicle out for a quick drive is a great way to keep the fluids moving through and to keep rust from accumulating on its brakes. When you are out for essential travel, alternate between vehicles.

Fill up your Nissan vehicle’s vital fluids
Keep an eye on your Nissan vehicle’s engine oil, transmission fluid, and brake fluid. Always keep them at recommended levels. When you aren’t driving for long periods of time, oils can separate and cause issues.

Check your Nissan vehicle’s tire pressure
Tires lose air over time, which can be a problem for a vehicle that isn’t being used. Flat spots can develop from maintaining pressure on the tires in the same position for too long. Driving keeps them rotated.

Give your Nissan vehicle a bath
If you can’t make it out to the car wash, then consider washing your vehicle at home. Otherwise, salt or other contaminants can lead to rust on your Nissan vehicle. Use a microfiber cloth and the proper cleaner.

Car Care Tips and Tricks During Lockdown | Nissan USA video
If you prefer a video over reading, then check out this guide from Nissan USA. It will run you through the five tips that we have above. Plus, it will only take a minute of your time.

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